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PropSafe Propeller Guards by HENGWEI Marine. Distributors Wanted!

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Installation Instructions


Are you ready to put your PropSafe Properller guard to test? Please take note of this installation instructions before testing your PropSafe guard.

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Use our Lead Form to ask for factory rates. PropSafe prop guards come not only with a hydro-dynamic shape but also at a very affordable price.

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If you have anything you wish to ask from the the Propsafe team, don't hesitate to drop us an email. We will answer any of your inquiry as soon as we can.

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Here's what one of our hundreds of happy distributors say about PropSafe:


We’ve conducted thousands of ‘on water’ tests on quite a number of propeller guards all across the globe. As one of the leading distributor of stainless steel propellers and aluminium propellers for outboard/stern drive engines and impellers in Australia, we always make test combinations.

PropSafe propeller guards never failed our expectations. The guard's construction is made of composite material. We are happy to add it to our extensive database of trailed and tested products. It is hydro-efficient and is really designed to optimize water safety and watercraft performance!
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